Friday, January 22, 2010

IKEA slipcover switcharoo

First of all, because of bad weather and mudslides, our marriage retreat at Kohl's Ranch will now be here in town. I was hoping for some exciting weather up north but also aware of the potential danger in driving in such conditions. So I'm fine with staying at a nice resort in Scottsdale.
Anyway, I had some extra time this morning and ran to IKEA. I didn't actually run. But I suppose I could have, it's only a mile away. But I would never think to go without an empty van, you know, in case I find a deal I can't refuse in the 'as is' section.

So today I went to look at kitchens and counter tops just to get some ideas before we begin our kitchen remodel. But first, a quick browse through 'as is'.

And I was rewarded.

Let me back up and explain that when Miranda moved out I was anticipating that she would take her IKEA couches. But the house she moved into had no room for any more couches. One of her couches works fine for now but this black & white one did not match anything in my home.

Well, while browsing in 'as is' I noticed a huge bin filled with slipcovers and I found the beige set that I had drooled over when I had entertained the idea of a slipcover. But I felt that $139.00 was too much when it's not even mine. And I didn't have any idea how long I would be storing it for Miranda.
WELL, get this... because it was in 'as is', each piece was priced separately and all five pieces came to a whopping $20.00!! I am getting a whole new look for $20.00! And it's the look I wanted!

THANKS, I knew you would share my joy!

Oh and lest you think I visit IKEA often... well I don't. I know it's crazy, but I want it to remain exciting each time I go, so I maybe walk through it once or twice a year. I know... and I live only a mile away. But I will do occasional browsing through 'as is' when I am specifically looking for an item. We have yet to ever assemble an item... since we always buy 'as is'... where everything is already assembled.

SO, there you have it... tips from an 'as is' shopper.


Karen said...

That is so exciting! Good for you.
We just got one of those stores and so I haven't had a chance to go into it yet. Now I may see if I can get my husband to run over there with me. (Shhh. Don't tell the other men, but he likes to shop too. lol)
Can't wait to see your new look.
Enjoy your retreat.
Ladybug Creek

Nicole T said...

cant wait to see it!

ceekay said...

Great bargain...I don't get to Ikea very often....I would probably need to get a hotel room from here! They have some interesting things there though. Hope you have a great weekend.

brandi76 said...

Aaron and I went to Ikea in Texas for our anniversary this year. We stayed in a hotel across the street so that we could stay as long as we liked! Post pictures as soon as the remodel starts!

ikea gift cards said...

only once or twice a year you visit? My girlfriend loves going to that store at least once a month! :-) I think she's trying to hint me a message, she's always saying what would look good at place. hmmmm....

NanAZ said...

Did you notice any chair slipcovers? I'm looking for more for my Ikea chairs.

Can't wait to see your changes.

kristen said...

Really Linda I am trying not to be jealous (ya know since it is a sin and all) so I may just have to stop coming to visit your blog...naa-I would never do that;) I love hearing of your good deals but really 2x a year to go to Ikea thats just not right! Do they still ask for your zip code? If they do just give them mine so maybe then they will build one here:)

Anonymous said...

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