Thursday, February 04, 2010

buried treasures

I thought I would show you a couple treasures I uncovered yesterday while reorganizing my laundry room. I love my laundry room and it was THE reason I fell in love with our home 16 years ago. It's big. And I am all about storage. But it has become a major catch-all. And we need it to become our make-shift kitchen during the remodel, so I had my work cut out for me.
But it actually became more like weeding through a real awesome yard sale. I found some cool treasures I did not even know I had!

I can't even say for sure where I got this. But I'm quite certain I stuck it away thinking it was pretty worthless. But yesterday I googled it just to be sure. And man oh man was I surprised! What I had was a piece of history!!

Beer mug celebrating the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt and the repeal of Prohibition, c. 1933. Glazed ceramic, in the shape of a beer keg.

*** $45.00!!! I WAS SHOCKED!

Then I found these- googled Bodum and found out these were Bodum espresso cup & saucers.

espresso glass and saucer, set of 2

*** $54.95!!! Again, SHOCKED! They are so tiny!

I had never googled this little conversation piece. Mine is pretty worn, unlike this one that I found posted HERE.

Vintage Hand Carved Wooden Smoking Pipe
Anri Italy Figural Bearded Man Face

*** $49.99!!! As you can imagine, even more SHOCKED when you consider I only paid a quarter!

Whatever will I uncover today? I'll keep you posted.

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Karen said...

Oh, Linda.. you have definitely inspired me to clean out a few closets. Doubt I will find things as special as yours but you never know, right?
Fun posting!
Ladybug Creek

Amy T Schubert said...

Nice to know you and Randy could probably retire in luxury if you just cleaned out a couple rooms :)

Mary said...

Great finds, Linda. I would never find things this valuable in my closets. LOL

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

fawnda said...

IT like you have your own Antique Road Show at your house! What fun finds... love the mug! :)

NanAZ said...

So if you sold all your treasures you could pay for the remodel. Wouldn't that be fun!