Thursday, March 11, 2010

kitchen remodel- part 3

Welcome back to kitchen remodel - part 3. If you are new to my blog, you can get up to speed by clicking part 1 and part 2.
This will most likely be the state of my kitchen for the next week or so, as Randy will be tearing down the rest of the old duct framing, installing all the new electrical & canned lighting and scrapping off the popcorn in the dining area.

And then we'll finally be ready to drywall the new higher ceiling and start priming & painting before the new kitchen cabinets & counter tops are installed. In the mean time the house is freezing because of the exposed attic. We could run the heater, but it runs constantly to warm the open attic, while our bedrooms get super hot. So we just keep the heater off and dress warm. Our temps are going to climb into the mid 70's this weekend. So we'll be fine then.

Ok, so who wants a sneak peek at our kitchen redesign?!

Then without further ado...

HERE IT IS... our kitchen redesign that Tim Morari, our Kitchen Designer (and dear friend) designed for us!!
Can you believe it!!
I could not be more excited!!
It's more than I ever dreamed!!
Heck, I was hoping someday for a new sink & counter top. But because of the flood, we're getting much, much more. Tim has done such a great job of keeping to our budget too. We are forever grateful.
In a later post I will be featuring all those that have partnered with us in making our kitchen redesign a reality.
Be sure to clic the pic to enlarge!


Amy T Schubert said...

it's going to be gorgeous! can't wait to visit

Judi said...

Your new kitchen is going to be so nice! Your flood reminds me of our own "Blessed Flood" back in 1990. We had just moved into our little house with the horrendously ugly kitchen. We'd scraped off the hideous olive green linoleum tiles and had freshly installed vinyl. The cabinets were so hideous though. Well, two days after we moved in, my husband came home for lunch to find water running out from under the front door! Our pipes had frozen in the night and burst right over the kitchen. Ruined those ugly cabinets and we were able to get nice new pretty ones. The whole ordeal was a shock and big inconvenience but even in the midst of it we began calling it The Blessed Flood.

Vivian said...

That is beautiful!! Can't wait to see the colors you chose.

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

This is looking really good! You will love it. You actually sound pretty sane going through all of this. You are so fortunate that you have a husband who is able to do so much of the work.
That dust gets EVERYWHERE. You will find it for months... but like everything else, it will be so worth the effort.
Looking forward to more great pics.
Ladybug Creek

NanAZ said...

Can't wait to pull up a bar stool and hang out with you at that awesome island!