Friday, March 19, 2010

Lady Banks Rose

My Lady Banks Rose is blooming profusely and I could not be more thrilled. She is truly a sight for sore eyes... or weary eyes. Trust me, we could use all the eye candy we can get around here with all the destruction going on. At least we have this welcome sight as we come & go. You know, those quick trips to Home Depot. To Wendy's. Or Culver's.

Did you know that Tombstone, Arizona boasts "the world's largest rose", a 100+ year old Lady Banks Rose that spreads 8,000 feet!? Sure would love to see what that looks like in full bloom.

Just so you know, the top picture was taken in '08... the last two were taken today. See, she's not even in full bloom yet.
Oh and my Hollyhocks have just started blooming. The girls are sure to put on quite a show this year as they slowly unveil their colorful crinolines. Did you know that some of my Hollyhocks look just like crinolines... or can-cans, as we called them while growing up. I loved can-cans. Maybe that's why I adore Hollyhocks so much.

Oh and I have a hunch that I'll be so done with fast-food after this remodel. Well, maybe not Culver's.
I love Culver's.


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I saw that tree in Tombstone. It was in full bloom or fairly close. It is amazing!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

A treat for any eyes...your Lady Banks Rose. We were in Tombstone a few years ago...missed the antique rose though. Sure enjoyed our visit!

I saw the first wild roses blooming in our area today...and am looking forward to 'rose season'!

NanAZ said...

Linda, when I see a Lady Banks Rose at the Garden center I always think of you. Just wondering if they have any scent? I like the look of them, but would love some aroma too.