Wednesday, March 10, 2010

retreat @ Lost Canyon

Randy & I are part of the teaching team for the A Time For Us marriage ministry at our church. This past weekend we had the Level 1 retreat at Lost Canyon near Williams, Arizona and the 3 hour drive on Friday could not have been more perfect. I was itching for a road trip so I was one happy camper. The snow-covered mountains in the distance are the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff.

The retreat was going along fine, when much to our surprise, it started snowing Saturday night and this is what we woke up to Sunday morning. Needless to say, the 12 couples and 3 teaching couples were delighted beyond belief!

Randy is such a good communicator and loves to share these powerful, life-changing truths. I love his humility and vulnerability and sensitivity to the Lord's leading. I am always so emotional at these retreats, as I reflect back on how far we have come in our 30 years together.

We conclude our retreats with worship & communion & a sweet time of sharing. We feel so blessed to hear how God is working in each of their marriages.

And then there's the food. What can I say... it's always the best. I could have just posted food pics, but that would lead you to believe that I'm all about the food. And that sounds so shallow and superficial. So I just posted a couple mouthwatering images to wet your whistle.

I could seriously have stayed at the Goldmine Lodge for days watching the snow fall.

Oh my gosh, these cranberry-orange scones are simply the best! Kim found the recipe HERE.

And then we headed back to Phoenix driving in some of the most blinding snowfall I had ever experienced. It was all so exciting I didn't want it to end.

But we had to make it back in time to see our little granddaughter in a wedding. I know, another wedding! But once again Emolyn was as cute as a bug... and once again the rains held off for the wedding to take place outdoors. Thank you Lord!

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