Monday, June 07, 2010

The Willows in Phx

One of the things I make sure we do when my sister comes for a visit, is to experience something new together... that neither of us has ever been to. This time it was The Willows. And it did not disappoint. And get this, I had to hear about this adorable store from a blog located hundreds of miles away. So I was curious and went on The Willows blog and I was hooked. That's when I knew Ginny & I had to visit the store located at 3743 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix. A must see.

I'll be honest, it's expensive but oh so lovely and luxurious and loaded with inspiration and ingenuity galore. Ginny & I both took mental notes of what we could create ourselves... like real cool framed vintage flash cards matted in burlap. So cute & clever.

And what else did I go wild over? All the burlap! Oh my gosh, I love burlap, but this store really pushed the envelope. I couldn't believe all the innovative ways they used burlap. Check out this burlap wingback chair. And trust me, you don't want to know what it sells for. It's like... a whole lot.

But I was thrilled to find out that they sell burlap by the yard. I guess it sells out fast, so hurry and get yourself some. Oh and did you happen to notice the amazing zinc table in the top picture. Oh be still my heart, I love zinc.

The Willows is a luxurious home furnishings and lifestyle atelier and showroom boasting a casual, yet classically elegant collection of beautiful finds.

I had never seen that word atelier before, until I saw it on their web site. And I love new words, so I looked it up-
atelier |ˌatlˈyā| (late 17th cent. French)
a workshop or studio, esp. one used by an artist or designer.

How cool is that! So I'm thinking I just might have to create a sign for my craft/ sewing room that reads atelier.

And what did we come away with? Well, my sister bought the most adorable box of chalk. Enlarge the pic and see for yourself. Could there be a sweeter packaging than simply saying chalk. And me? Well, nothing yet, but I'm hoping that by posting about The Willows that some of you will check it out and give them your business and help spread the word. Thanks!


Karen said...

Wow! I love that contrast of the burlap type material with the "fancy" chair. I have two chairs that would be perfect for this but I will have to think about where I could place them. Love it though.
Ladybug Creek

Lori said...

I have found a pretty close match to the chairs at IKEA, $14.99 each. A steal. I bought two, but I am going back for more.

NanAZ said...

Looks like a place I would love to check out. Thanks for sharing, Linda!