Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PYREX double-boiler

I've been collecting vintage PYREX for over 25 years.
Are you aware that they also created a line of Flameware that includes this awesome double-boiler?
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and to read how my double-boiler came together after many years apart.

I've been making peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate chips & paraffin wax for years
and thought ~ why not dip strawberries in the same mixture. 
You can find the recipe HERE.

So I melted 1/2 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and 1/4 block of paraffin wax (or less)
in my vintage double-boiler until creamy smooth...

and glossy-icious... thanks to the paraffin wax.

Store these beauties in the frig, until your loved ones find them and they slowly disappear.
My granddaughter Emolyn saw this picture posted on facebook and called me on the phone,
"Mimi, did you save any for me?"
Of course I did little lamb... and brought her some yesterday at Bible Study.
She was thrilled. And sooo excited to show me her "hula hoop" earrings.
She decided to call her tiny, little hoops "hula hoops." How cute is that!
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Eileen @ My Evergreen Place said...

Those strawberries look delicious! I love vintage Pyrex. I have a collection of bowls and refrigerator dishes. I would love to own a double boiler! :0)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said... mom made her chocolate dip the same way. I sure miss her bon bons...they were yummy!!