Monday, April 25, 2011

6 couples wed in 1950

Laura & Claire ~ Dolores & Roy ~ Mom & Dad ~ Dorothy & Bernard ~ Teresa & Bruce ~ Helen & Edmond
My Mom & Dad were married April, 29th, 1950. This week would have been their 61st Wedding Anniversary. I am so thankful my parents had 59 years together. And I am so thankful they shared those years with these 5 couples. You see, they all got married in 1950. And they were all friends before they married! 

I called my Mom this morning and did some probing. She told me they all met at local dances and the local roller skating rink in Hatfield, Wisconsin. And they've been the best of friends ever since. And get this... they celebrated their anniversaries every 5 years. And we have the photos to prove it. They would all gather together, rotating homes, every 5 years. And this was in addition to visits throughout the year. As you can imagine, we loved growing up with their kids. Three of the couples had 10+ kids each! And believe it or not, we'd occasionally gather five of the families together for a potluck picnic/softball game. We're talkin' over 50 of us... with 40+ being kids! 
They all lived on farms 10-20 miles from ours (and still do) and we all went to different schools. (Whitehall, Alma Center, Neilsville) Sure made it fun having friends that attended our rival high school during football and basketball season. 

The above picture was taken at my Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary party in 2000. They all sat together and had the best time. They are such a fun-loving, laughing bunch that I will forever associate them with playing Whist, sharing pot lucks, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and telling stories from the past. I have always said, nothing made me happier as a kid, than hearing my parents laughing with friends while falling asleep in my bedroom at the top of the stairs. Not a better feeling.

(my Dad and Helen (far right) have since passed away)

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What a sweet tribute to your parents and their friends. I was smiling the whole time I was reading that post.
I love your sentence about falling asleep listening to your parents laughing with friends.