Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring rain bonnets

We had our first Spring thunderstorm over the weekend and it was glorious.
It rained and poured all day Saturday.
It was heavenly.
And to think we had temps in the mid 90's last Saturday
and mid 50's this Saturday! Gotta love these crazy weather patterns.

Anyway, it made me think of rain bonnets from the 60's.
These rain bonnets were freebees at County Fairs and other such promos. 
Aren't they adorable?

I've had the green one since I was a little girl 
and later found the pink & yellow bonnets for a quarter each at yard sales.
They add the perfect Spring zing to any Easter decor, don't you think?
Which I should probably set out this week...
with Easter only being two weeks away.
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Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I so remember those. I can't believe you found some....very spring! How cute!!

Diane said...

I remember mother used to have a ton of them. I use to put my Barbie shoes in them! Fantastic find. Glad you shared. Diane

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Love these!My granny had them.