Monday, October 08, 2012

picnics @ the park

When the weather starts cooling off, we beeline to the parks. So this past week we took our favorite E girls on picnics at parks in Tempe and Phoenix. 
Check out that yellow wicker insulated picnic basket I found at a yard sale for two bucks. 
I know, it is just the coolest ever!

Emolyn & I went for an early morning picnic at our neighborhood park. We played and played for two hours. Our mornings are beautiful this time of year in Tempe, Arizona.
We ended the day by taking her to Gelato Spot for ice cream, using a Groupon that was going to expire the next day. Love those Groupon deals. And OMG, love Pumpkin Pie Gelato!!! Seriously THE BEST!!!

Then on Friday Randy & I took Elsie, the Birthday Girl, on a picnic to Granada Park in Phoenix. That's right, just Elsie. We have never had Elsie all to ourselves. It was so much fun! She is such a delightful, entertaining, funny little girl.

The ducks and geese were in rare form, or maybe they're always crazy loud. But they honked and squawked and quacked as we were feeding them. We were afraid of what they'd do when we finally ran out of bread.

Thankfully we were up high on that picnic table. Cuz umm, they can get kinda mean.

We ended our time together by taking her to Sonic for ice cream. Always ice cream.

BREAKING NEWS ~ the temps this week are in the 80's ~ with a high on Friday in the mid 70's! I can hardly believe it! And neither can Elsie!


Deb said...

Yep, it's gonna be nice in Tucson as well...summer here pretty much drains every bit of life out of me!

CAS said...

Absolutely loving this weather! Your little grandgirls are adorable!