Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayer & Blessing Bridal Shower

Last night I hosted a Prayer & Blessing Bridal Shower for my daughter Miranda.
I invited all my friends that have watched her grow up over these past 28 years ~ that have invested in her life and helped shape her into the woman she is today. I asked them to come prepared to share stories, verses, words of encouragement, affirmation, prayers and blessings. And let me tell you, they delivered. Big-time. I was in tears most of the night. And my daughter was amazing ~ articulate and gracious and thoughtful and completely overwhelmed by all the love lavished on her. Such a powerful, meaningful, sacred night. I couldn't imagine anything being more perfect than to enter your wedding week in prayer.

We ended our time of sharing by praying for Miranda... for the wedding week to be filled with His peace and joy and love overflowing... that her & Aaron would see the glory of God in their union and the many years ahead. What a blessing to witness this moment.

I made Hollyhock seed packets for each of the woman to take home ~ harvested from this years Hollyhocks. And than forgot to tell everyone to take one. Needless to say, half of the 24 woman that attended left before I remembered.

Miranda didn't want the evening to be about opening gifts, so I asked the guests if they would like to go in on a group gift, so Miranda had something to remember the evening.
Well, I got enough from these very generous women to buy the Kitchen Aid Mixer (pistachio) she had registered for ~ that she never dreamed she'd receive. In fact she has extra money for additional attachments. She's thinking maybe the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker attachment advertised this week at Target.

This was my Mom & Dad's wedding cake top from 62 years ago ~ and my wedding cake top 33 years ago ~ and was present at Miranda's Prayer shower last night. 
What a treasured heirloom!

And guess who flew in early for the wedding so she could be at Miranda's Prayer Shower? Miranda's dear friend Carla from England! Oh my gosh, I love that girl. They met while Miranda was studying in England for a semester, and became kindred spirits and best friends forever instantly!
Btw, that's my youngest son Tyler posing with those pretty ladies.

My dear friend Nancy took tons of pictures throughout the night, that I will later post.
But I did manage to take a picture of the dessert before everyone arrived.
Seriously you guys, the best dessert ever ~ APPLE PIE BARS.
I found the recipe on the Land O'Lakes facebook page. Omg, they post the best recipes!

So, when I woke up this morning, I realized I had not taken a photo of an actual serving.
Which meant I had to whip up some fresh whipped whipping cream. And I had to heat up the Apple Pie Bar so it would be warm for the photo shoot. And then I would have to eat it. I mean you can't have it getting soggy with whipping cream on top.

Needless to say, it was every bit as deliciously divine as last night's piece. 
Maybe even better.


Nancy said...


It was such a precious night. I was honored to be part of it. I forgot to tell you that the banner turned out great and the dessert was delicious! I'll try to get pictures uploaded for you and Miranda in the next few days. I'll be praying for a fabulous week for all of you.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

I should drive right over and get me a piece. I love anything apple!!