Wednesday, November 07, 2012

backyard transformation

I love before & after photos, don't you? Here's just a few...
The wedding party arrived a couple hours before the wedding rehearsal on Friday to set up 32 round tables & 250 chairs and transformed an already breathtaking backyard into Miranda's dream wedding.

And this was 24 hours later ~ a couple hours before the wedding ceremony was to begin.
Oh my gosh, truly the most beautiful wedding venue I could have ever imagined for my daughter's wedding!

The wedding was in the backyard of the Hearn House in Phoenix. An Arts and Crafts style home, that I have coveted for over 20 years, when I first began calling it my house. Yes, whenever we'd drive by I would say, "Oh look honey, there's my house." 
And my husband would say "Sugar, if I ever win the lottery I will buy you that house."
And I would reply "Oh honey, I would be happy just going to a yard sale there and then asking to use their bathroom so I could see the inside."
Well, I can imagine God getting all excited ~ 
"She has no idea that one day her daughter will be getting married there! Gosh I love my job!" Ok, so maybe He didn't say it quite like that. :)
But yes, you can imagine my complete and utter joy when I found out my daughter was getting married at ~ MY HOUSE! All these years, and we had no idea they even had occasional weddings in that backyard!

The Hearn House was built in 1906, and has a beautiful balcony that overlooks this enchanted backyard. I knew that some time during the reception I would walk out onto that balcony and take in the the sights below ~ friends and family celebrating and dancing and laughing, eating and drinking and loving one another. I had to somehow capture it, so I would never forget how this moment made me feel. 
Good Lord, I was not in Phoenix, Arizona anymore. I was in heaven.


Lynn said...

It looks beautiful and what a great story! Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law!

Hildred Congdon said...

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