Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Wedding Flowers

Omg, the flowers at the wedding were simply gorgeous! And I mean GORGEOUS!
My daughter Miranda's best friend Kendra is the creative genius behind the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, bouquets and the beautiful floral arrangement. She's so amazing!

Kendra handed over the arranging of the centerpiece floral arrangements to my dear friend Chris and her lovely daughter Bailey. And let me tell you, they singlehandedly arranged 36 beautiful floral arrangements. That was no easy task. Truly a labor of love that I am forever grateful for!

The centerpiece decor will be a blog post all on its own. Can't wait to share all the details!


When the wedding was over, the flowers that were arranged in my mason jars came home with me. And let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed them, staging several photo shoots each day until their demise a week later.

  I would daily pick out the withered flowers, snip fresh cuts and add clean water every other day, making them last as long as possible.

I hung the shepherds hook aisle arrangements on my back patio.

I've been collecting Ball mason jars for many years... never dreaming they would one day be used at my daughter's wedding!

Miranda's dear friend Carla came to the wedding from England and brought me a Cath Kidston coffee mug. I know! Cath Kidston!!! I was beyond ecstatic! Doesn't she look pretty next to the wedding flowers? 

As you can see, I did my own arranging in various vessels. But check out the rose that never fully opened!

It was so dense, but never did open up. Rather strange.

The wash tubs that I brought back from the farm in Wisconsin last year were used at the wedding for bottled beverages. I have vivid memories of my Mom using those wash tubs along with her wringer washer. Talk about back-breaking work! 

Thank you for taking the time to read all my wedding posts. I have a few more to go, then onto Christmas!

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Lynn said...

You are so right on the flowers - gorgeous for sure. Loved looking at everything!