Monday, November 12, 2012

Twins wedding attire

Shawn 30 ~ Twins 6 months

Shawn 4 ~ Miranda 18 months
26 years ago our son Shawn (age 4) was in our friend's wedding. Shawn's Daddy officiated the wedding, I coordinated the wedding and poor Miranda was sick at the wedding. (she had a cold) 
Randy borrowed a suit, I borrowed a friend's dress and we bought a suit for Shawn.
Of course I still have that suit after all these years.
Well, when I found this on Pinterest, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with that suit for Shawn's twin son's wedding attire. Shawn & Nicole were thrilled.

I mean how cool that both boys would be wearing something their Daddy wore as a little boy!

Here's what I started with...

I couldn't use the actual vest because of the faux pockets, but the pant legs allowed me to not only sew both vests, but also line the vests with the same fabric.

I even found three more buttons almost exactly like the original three.

I was SO pleased with how they turned out!

Jonah was so pleased that he decided to take a bite out of Nathan's vest.

Which did not please Nathan in the least... "oh Mimi, what's a brother to do?"

HERE THEY ARE!!! ~ looking all dapper dan with their Momma & Daddy, big sisters and the Bride & Groom ~ PRECIOUS! Oh, and PRICELESS too ~ 
as their wedding attire did not cost a cent! 

Tomorrow I'll be posting a bunch of candid wedding pics as seen through the eyes of our guests!

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Deb said...

Great job - they all look gorgeous!