Saturday, June 01, 2013

Ball jars & Tupperware

Ball jars and I go way back. In fact we have sort of a love/hate relationship. 
Years of canning in a hot, humid kitchen in the dead of summer can do that to you. You love the results, but hate the process. Come on, you know the gig... planting the garden, weeding the garden, harvesting the garden... and then the hours upon hours of snipping beans, shelling peas, slicing cucs... I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I wanted to break those blasted Ball jars at times.

But now, they make me all nostalgic, representing a simpler time, remembering the rows of colorful produce, all preserved and placed beautifully in our basement shelves. Hey, don't get me wrong, not nostalgic enough to want to ever can again as long as I live! 

So when I came upon these wide-mouth Ball jars at an earlier Estate Sale, I decided they would be our drinking glasses. You see I'm picky about glasses, especially hand washing them. I want to be able to get my whole hand and dish rag inside. These fit the bill. And my 24 year old son loves them. You know, big and beefy.

Well, last week I went to my local Fry's Food Store and saw these Ball plastic storage caps on clearance. Seriously, the only thing that would make my glasses even better is to find the perfect leak-proof plastic lids to give them even more bang for their buck. 
My 8 glasses now have 8 matching lids!
Oh the possibilities ~ dressings, dips, sauces, gravies, smoothies, puddings, lemon curd, etc.

And speaking of my favorite glasses... if you're a Duck Dynasty fan you most likely know that Sy goes no where without his favorite ice tea glass ~ a pastel Tupperware glass. And seriously folks, I get it! I LOVE my two pastel Tupperware glasses. They are totally and completely spill and leak-proof ~ as long as you burp the lid. I have been mixing homemade dressings, along with shaking flour and cold water for gravies in these babies for over 30 years, with no plans to sell... even though they are fetching a good chunk on eBay since Duck Dynasty hit the airwaves. 

But here's the deal, I am now the coolest Mom ever because my son Tyler not only loves Duck Dynasty and Sy, but loves the fact that his Mom has the same Tupperware glasses that Sy is either sippin' or stashin' in his back pocket. God love him!


Deb said...

I didn't know they made the plastic caps!

Nancy said...

I grew up with those Tupperward glasses. We had at least 3 different sizes. And my mom, being a city girl transplanted to a small town never did any canning that I recall. But my uber farmer grandmother (my dad's mom) did all kinds of canning. I remember her special room in the cellar just filled with jars of all kinds of stuff. Of course, with 11 kids she needed it to get through the Ohio winters. Sweet memories! Thanks Linda.

Nancy said...

That would be TUPPERWARE glasses. Ha Ha!