Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Emolyn Elsie Nathan Jonah

Happy Valentine's Day Emolyn & Elsie!

I love them with all my heart.

Oh my gosh, cute or what! Nathan & Jonah can hardly wait till their favorite Valentine comes home from work, so they can have their snuggle time. They sure love their Mamma. 

Emolyn was so happy that Mamma applied her One Direction press-on nails.

Uncle Aaron

and Aunt Miranda

brought the most decadent Valentine's dessert to Family Dinner. Yum!

And then Nathan & Jonah provided the entertainment on bongos.

Elsie would occasionally join in on the fun.

And then thought the bongos would be better suited as a footstool.

Uh oh, what do we have here? 

Best be sharing your toys boys. 

The cutest little boys ever!

I can't believe they will be 10 months old this week!
I love them with all my heart.

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