Sunday, November 25, 2007

the birthday gathering

The birthday girl enjoying her SUSHI! What a fun dinner celebration! Definitely a new tradition. Shawn & Nicole brought the best take-out soups with won ton chips and fortune cookies. I made an Asian salad with mandarin oranges and toasted almonds. And of course, lots of edamame. Then we ordered several varieties of SUSHI. And can I just say, YUMMO!!!

I have a thing for cake plates, as you all know, and happen to think that everyone should have one. So of course I had to get one for Miranda. Do you not love her cake plate from Target! You will find it in the Christmas decor section. Cake plates are so much more than for cakes. In fact, mine have never seen a cake. Miranda plans to put hers in her bedroom for all her pretty stuff.


Suzy said...

Hi Linda T.
Thank you for stopping by and I am glad you liked my posts. I really like various lists I think they are fun, but it was not easy at first to write them. Try it; I am looking forward to read yours.
I like the cake plate, so sophisticated and you are right it doesn't have to be just for cake!
Regards, Suzy

Judy said...

I love the cake plate...I might just have to cross the border one more time and pay a visit to Target! (There are no Targets in Canada.)

Thanks for your visit this morning! We so enjoyed our time in Arizona...I was surprised that you had mountains (I somehow always pictured desserts & mesas). I'll do another post or two on Arizona, before I put it to rest.

Blessings, Judy

deb said...

What a fabulous mom you are!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I too love cake plates. I have the prettiest two tiered pink cake stand.. that I use for my rubber stamps! HA! All my favorites. Thanks for the baby congrats - I can't stop smiling. :)

Cindi said...

Hi Linda!

I just passed that cake plate up the other day because I already have one. I didn't think about it in my bedroom! I may have to make a Target run this week!

Miranda is such a beautiful young woman. You must be very proud!

Bax said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all! LOVE the cake plate...but I, too am a lover of cake plates!


Lori said...

Linda, Goodness our Target doesn't have that plate!!! Lucky present for the Birthday girl! Found out just this week I'll be able to fly my son home from AZ, i'm excited but after a year in AZ he'll freze when he gets here!! Lori

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Happy Birthday to your daughter and you do know I love cake plates, I don't think you can have too many. I am hitting Target' (with a french accent) to get one of those today, I just hope our Target' has one.
I also love the red " you are special today" plate.
Have a great day and visit me soon.
:) Bren