Saturday, January 26, 2008

the home front

So what's new on the home front?
Well, as you know, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first Grandbaby in April! Sooo excited! Nicole and Shawn will be the best, most fun parents. I mean, seriously, they are two of the funniest people I know!
And have I told you lately how much I love my job! Love every single person I work with! Yup, having waaay too much fun. The other day Joyce, Doris and I went to Hobby Lobby over the noon hour and found such fun stuff. I love helping others spend their money! I love taking my friends to Hobby Lobby for the first time. Hobby Lobby is like the 'IKEA for crafters'. It's sooo huge!
And this weekend could be the first weekend in several weeks that Randy doesn't have to fix a vehicle. I am so serious... he has been underneath a car or a van most every weekend since we got back from Wisconsin in Oct.! Sad but true.
Let me tell you about one such weekend. He had spent several hours on Sat. fixing our son Shawn's car, then the next day Randy left after doing three services at our church to drive to Yuma for an evening concert. Well, his van breaks down in Gila Bend. He tweaks it enough to get him back to Phoenix (had to cancel the concert) but on his way home our younger son Tyler calls and tells him that his old clunker had broke down... AND immediately following that conversation Shawn calls and says that whatever they did on his car the day before did not fix it. So Randy spends all day Monday trying to fix em all... only to have his van break down AGAIN the following weekend, which was last weekend while I was at the Scrapbook Retreat! Ya, pretty sad... But he had finally had it and takes it to Salem Boys and they do the job.
But we have been sooo blessed that he can fix our vehicles over the years. That alone has saved us thousands of dollars! But enough is enough. Can we just give the guy a rest! Sure do love him to pieces!

**** Oh but wait... Tyler tells me that he thinks his van is leaking transmission fluid. Ummm, not a good sign... poor Randy.


ATS said...

lol ... doesn't he fix everyone else's cars too?

and why hasn't he made shawn and tyler learn this stuff. .. ??

NanAZ said...

I's time for him to let go of the apron strings or jumper cables and let the boys work on their own cars. He's way too busy! But I'm sure he loves to care for them that way. Just tell him he needs to be the teacher and tell them how to do it, so someday a long time from now they know how to do it themselves. That's the goal...independence from mom and pop. He's such a giver though, I know it's probably hard for him.