Friday, January 18, 2008

GO Green Bay Packers!

So, Miranda and I are going to our very first Scrapbooking Retreat in Flagstaff this weekend. My daughter-in-law Nicole and her Mom Beckie are going too. The low last night in Flagstaff was 7 degrees! Oh my gosh, I'm gonna freeze! But I can't wait! I'll be sure to take pics... oh, and warm clothes too!
My plan is to work on my Disneyland photo album... scrapping every single pic from every single time we went to Disneyland over the years and of course our recent trip to Disney World. I prefer doing topical albums rather than going chronological. Don't know how far I will get, but I'll be croppin pics and crankin out pages like crazy!
But you can be sure I will be back in the Valley for the BIG GAME on Sunday. The PACKERS vs. the GIANTS! And I will be putting on this baby... a gift from friends Don & Carol, for my 50th birthday last year. My very own Packer jersey!
You see, if they win, they'll be playing in the SUPER BOWL here in PHOENIX on Feb. 3rd!! YEAH! GO PACKERS!


Sandy said...

Have fun with your daughter, Linda. I love how you do so much w/her!

NanAZ said...

Hope you have a blast at the retreat. I would have loved to go...maybe next time. Hey let us know if you need company watching the game.

If the Packers get to the Super Bowl we should think of some way to get over there and experience some of the fun.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Linda, stop by my blog. I've tagged you.



Shara said...

This is off topic, but I wondered if you get "Country Living" Magazine. The newest issue has a little article on vintage telephones. They featured your aqua rotary phone! It's worth $130.00! Cha-ching! ;o)