Friday, January 25, 2008

German Smokers

Are these not the cutest! I found these in a bag at Saver's for $1.99 in the toy section. I was not even sure what they were, as I could barely read the label at the bottom of these wooden fiqurines. The words were all in German so that was enough for me to buy them, go home, google the company and find out that these are highly collectible Minature Ulbricht German Smokers. I love them even more now!
Check out this site that came up while searching for more info. I am thinking that these may be worth even more ($26.95 each) than the ones listed on this site, as these could be retired.
Sure glad they were put in the toy department, otherwise they would have been gone in a heartbeat!
Hey, if anyone out there knows how I can find out more about these specific smokers, please let me know. Maybe my friend Beth has some connections! Thanks!


Judy said...

Anything that hints of smoke is not popular with me this week! I am in recovery mode after totally smoking us out of house & home! You enjoy your smokers though...sounds like you got a steal.

Diana LaMarre said...

What a great find! It's so exciting when you discover you have something valuable--I remember that feeling from my garage sale days.