Monday, March 31, 2008

Princess Emolyn

What precious little fingers! So dainty, soft and fragile. So grateful to be home with her Mommy & Daddy!

I sat and held Emolyn for two hours on Saturday, watching her every expression.
Randy and I created Babyland when the kids were born. It's a place where babies go while they are sleeping. We would talk for our kids and they would tell us all about their adventures in Babyland. While watching Emolyn's various expressions, we were pretty convinced she was chasing either puppies or bunny rabbits. And at one point she smiled SO big (huge dimples and all!) that we knew it was then that she was being crowned the new Princess of Babyland. We couldn't be more proud! But from what I hear, she is quite the little drama queen in Babyland! That's my Grandbaby!

Randy was quite the proud Pop-pop holding his little Emy, swaddled in the yellow blanky that he was swaddled in 54 years ago. All three (below) were swaddled in the very same yellow blanket. Oh my, Grammy's getting a little teary-eyed here.
In case you're wondering, Pop-pop is what the kids want him to be called... and he really likes it too. In fact, Miranda started calling him that a few years ago and now the grandkids will... mmm, Grammy & Pop-pop... pretty cute.


Skerrib said...

Great pics of the little snoogums. Her Majesty looks appropriately pampered!

I love seeing guys holding babies. The tenderness within the manliness is beautiful.

As for Grammy getting all teary-eyed...I'm pretty sure that's par for the course. =)

Congratulations to everyone!

Miranda said...

I am glad Emolyn is princess of babyland!! She deserves it.

Judy said...

So happy for you both, Grammy & Pop-up. We have a little angel arriving this week...that I am so wanting to cuddle! Enjoy your princess...she's beautiful.

Felicia said...

What a sweetheart :)

Lori said...

Awe Linda, what a little princess! How precious, Babyland, I'll have to tell my daughter that, so cute! Have a great week! Please keep me in your thoughts this Thursday, I'm having my first back injections for all the nerve pain, I so need prayers and a return to who I am! Love,Lori

Sandy said...

She is just so precious, Linda!