Tuesday, April 01, 2008

orange limes

A dear, elderly man from our church gave us a bag of limes a few weeks ago. Orange limes. (I'm not Foolin ya!) I thought they seemed rather unusual so I googled and found this-
"A lime that grows in Arizona, called the Rangpur lime, has a reddish-orange peel and orange flesh. It is believed to be a hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin orange.
Lowell True, a retired agricultural agent, said a possible explanation is that suckers from the rootstock your lime tree is budded onto have come up, producing their own fruit."
You can read more about the Rangpur lime here. Rather interesting.

Anyway, the fruit flies had taken over my kitchen, so it was time to get out the old electric juicer. I love LOTS of pulp in my glass of juice... you know, where you have to sorta chew your juice. Hey, you know what I'm talkin about, all you pulp lovers out there. So, fresh-squeezed pulpy orange juice sure hits the spot this time of year.

Oh, and about all those cans of ARIZONA peach ice tea... ya, on clearance for a buck. Each collectors can makes up 12 quarts of peach tea... for only a buck a can! I'd say I'm set for quite awhile.

And the treasure I uncovered while thrift saling the other day... this 24 inch folded ruler. You know how much I love these! I found this in a box full of sewing supplies. (see, another box!) The whole box was a dollar! And this little treasure was buried at the bottom!

Made me a little latte in my new springy coffee mug (on clearance for 2 dollars) along with a mini choco-chip biscotti from Trader Joe's. That sure hit the spot too.


Skerrib said...

What's the metal thingy? Is that part of the juicing process?

Becca said...

We just juiced two huge grapefruit (from down the street) and dug out all the pulp to put into the cups as well. I've never been a pulp fan but that grapefruit pulp was delish!

I just bought some of those ice cube trays at a garage sale!! I was so happy to finally get some.

Sandy said...

Oh, to have all of that fresh fruit in the house ..... :)

Nicole T said...

Sorry you were sick today! Hoep you start feeling better.

Bax said...

I have lived in AZ for over 10 years and I had no idea there was such a fruit! : ) Thanks for the education!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Well, life just doesn't get much better than that now does it? LOL

Blessings (and enjoy the juice),


Lori said...

I can almost smell the freshness off those! I'll have to ask Mikie if he's seen those yet! later,Lori You've made me thirsty!LOL