Friday, April 25, 2008

random thoughts

The SUNS are down 0-2. They HAVE to win tonight! GO SUNS!
Randy has seen the London Bridge as a little boy when it was located in London and then a few years ago on a trip to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Read more about it here.
I am up every morning by 5:30 am... in bed by 9 pm... sleeping by 10.
My Mom & Dad had 5 kids in 7 1/2 years and then the 6th one was born 11 years later... in fact, 39 years ago today! Happy Birthday Kevin!
My secret fantasy is to work up a dance routine with a professional dancer, like on "Dancing with the Stars"... just for fun.
I haven't turned and flipped my mattress in years. Does anyone remember to do that routinely?
Randy & I are itching to hit the road and drive for days and days. No destination. Just to clear our thoughts and process life together.
I still haven't put one song on my aqua Nano since I got it for my birthday in Dec. How sad is that.
My favorite bathrobe that I recently put away till next winter, was a Christmas present when I was 19 years old. That was 32 years ago. It still looks brand-new. And I still love it. I really do!
I have never put on a pair of pierced earrings without first applying alcohol... ever... in 36 years. (umm, that would be rubbing alcohol!)
I washed my face with Lava soap all through high school. I now use Arbonne RE9.
And last but not least, my grandbaby Emolyn weighed in at 5 lbs. 4 oz today!!! So happy!!
So that's it for now folks. Have a great weekend!


Nicole T said...

So, is this you asking for a new robe for christmas? Because you could have just put it on your list!

Angie in AZ said...

You are cracking me up! LAVA! Eek!
Hey, head over to my blog and look at what I'm giving away! I only give you one guess as to where I scored these! And, if you can tell me what I paid for them and guess within $.50, I'll give you one! ;)

NanAZ said...

I actually was just thinking this morning that I need to flip our mattress. I've been having some back aches an noticed a dip in the mattress. I do it about once a year or so...when I remember.

Lava soap is the stuff my construction worker dad used to wash his hands and face when he came home black from working in the steel mill. That's what it was intended for. Not your skin. Wow!

I am also itching to go on a road trip. I'm sure I can't wait until our trip to Hawaii in September.

Skerrib said...

In theory I turn our mattress every season--I have the corners marked & everything...but more realistically it's probably once or twice per year.

5 lbs 4 oz--what a chunker! Way to go Baby Emy.

Bax said...

I love your list of random thoughts! They are wonderful! I have to agree with angie...Lava soap..yikes! You're lucky you have any skin left! LOL
I had a waterbed for years and we just switched to a conventional no flipping here yet!
Great post!


dawnkristine said...

I have so much to say-but I love your blog, thanks for bringing me here! Did you know that the new mattresses do not get flipped? We just bought one for our daughter, and having sold them years ago, I know how important flipping it is, but there is sooo much stuff being put into the mattresses these days, they were getting too heavy to flip.