Thursday, May 08, 2008

a penny saved is a penny...

that's not green

Mmm, not much going on this week. Visited little Miss Emolyn yesterday... all 5 lbs. & 13 oz. of pure sweetness. She is such a doll baby! Cute as a bug! Shawn & Nicole are having her dedicated this Sunday on Mother's Day. Her very first public outing. Can't wait!

Ok, so I had planned to do an Earth Day post but never got around to it. Cuz I am one gal who is all over preserving and conserving our environment. But I did want to squeeze in this little tidbit. I read the other day that one of the ways we can help conserve energy is to cash in our pennies. And why's that, you ask? Well, read on-

Most people don't give much thought to pennies other than when making change, but there are environmental costs to minting pennies from copper mining and refining involving huge amounts of power, water and carbon-dioxide emissions, Business Weekly reports. Coinstar, whose coin-counting machines turn pennies into greenbacks, estimates there is $10 billion, or $90 per household, in coins sitting in jars and elsewhere in our homes going unused. Cashing in these coins would not only provide cash to spend, but it would also help the environment.

Well, sure enough, I dug around my home and found several containers of pennies. Dumped them all in this rather large bucket along with other coins. You see, I remember reading a few years ago that pennies are getting too expensive to mint so they could one day become a thing of the past. And with Arizona being the Copper state, I thought I'd better preserve some of our state history for our future Grandchildren. But now I'm thinking that the reason pennies are getting too expensive to mint is that too many pennies are just laying around collecting dust in our homes. We need to cash them in and get them out there circulating once again so they don't have to mint more. Get it!
So we're cashing in ours this weekend. How about you?
Hey, they might help fund a road trip or your favorite charity or a dinner out. That works for me!


NanAZ said...

Great suggestion, Linda!

I have just one penny in my little stash of coins that I keep around. It's from 1925! Otherwise, I have a few Sacajawea golden dollar coins and other odd pieces that I'll cash in some day when times are tough and we need the money...ha ha!

I just rediscovered the penny today when I was gathering a few Euro coins that I brought back from my trip to Germany a few years ago. Our niece, Lisa is going to Europe in a week or so and I thought I'd give her my change to get her started. I looked up the exchange rate and the 10.57 Euro that I'm giving her = $16.29 in USD. Sad but true. She'll get about a third less value for her spending.

We used to have a 5 gallon water bottle with change in it, but we cashed it in long ago.

Skerrib said...

She really is a beautiful baby.

Nicole T said...

We have a big fat pig that we collect our change in and when it is full, its a cruise. We have been working on it since our wedding!

Lori said...

Linda, I never knew! Thanks for sharing! Such a precious little baby doll! If you get a chance soon, stop by, I have a huge favor from my online friends!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Lori

Jan said...

Happy Mother's Day! I hope your day was fabulous!
She is just so adorable! You are all truly blessed!

Jan said...

Yes, but look how cool the coins look saved up in your bucket!!

What a sweet little tiny baby you have there.