Monday, August 25, 2008

29 years of wedded bliss

My husband of 29 years is the kindest man I know... he's thoughtful, sensitive and wise... an incredible father to our three kids. His ability to communicate truth, to council and comfort the hurting is a testament of his love for Christ and others. Oh, and he is the smartest man I know... I swear he has retained everything he has ever heard. I am serious!

I met Randy 6 months after moving to Phoenix. I was two months away from moving back to WI for good. I had only wanted to come out here for a year, grow in my faith, and go back home. But then I met Randy at a Hand in Hand concert that we were both singing at. I heard his voice, singing his amazing songs and they made me cry. (believe it or not, back then I rarely ever cried)
We went to the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on our first date. We talked for hours in the parking lot. I quickly became aware of his deep love and commitment to the Lord. I felt so safe with him. And then one night he made me laugh and that is when I knew... he's the one. I still went back to WI that summer... we wrote letters and talked on the phone... and then I returned to Phx. Aug. 28, 1978 and we were married a year later on Aug. 25, 1979.
We have lived happily ever after ever since.

Dear Randy,
I love that you love Christmas and Disneyland like no other.
I love that you gas up my van.
I love that you decorate like crazy for Halloween.
I love that you enjoy giving my blog a new look.
I love that you add extra memory on my Mac to surprise me.
I love that you like to vacuum. Cuz I don't.
I love that you fix all the cars to save money.
I love that you get up early to hike with me.
I love that you accept me just the way I am.
I love that you are honest, patient and trustworthy.
I love that you love Jesus.

*** Randy & I like to grasp our pinkies to tell each other "I love you" ***
Thanks Amy for the sweet pic. Check out her photography web site on my sidebar.


brandi said...

Happy Anniversary!
We love you guys,

Miranda said...

Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!!

NanAZ said...

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on 29 years! What a great couple you are. We're so blessed to have you as friends.

Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary Linda!
Great post!

Tricia said...

Happy Anniversary Guys! That is a sweet love letter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary - Its amazing how God works those wonderful miracles out in our lives. I like you would have moved back home if it weren't for God allowing me to meet my wonderful Bear. We haven't been married as long as you guys, but we are always closing the gap (percentage wise anyway) - May God continue to richly bless you guys, because you bless so many others including us!

The Bears
(Capt. B-Shorts)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Debbie Kay said...


Congratulation on such a milestone in your life. I am so happy for you both....God is so good!

Love & blessings,

Debbie Kay

Liz said...

Awe... My husband and I have only been married 4 years this sept. But we dated for 5 years before and have the same habit. Our photographer took a similar picture on out wedding day.

Happy Anniversary!