Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emolyn time

When the family gets together, it's pretty much all about entertaining the "pretty princess". Ya, her Mommy is afraid Emolyn is going to think her name is "pretty"!
Do you get a sense that she is highly adored?

When the family gets together, we also sing.
No doubt about it, Emolyn is going to be musical.
(umm, do you think I could have gotten around to dusting the coffee table shelves sometime this year!)

Emolyn is teething something fierce! Check out the latest in teething... a raspberry textured teething pacifier. No, it's not raspberry flavored.

She is sooo passionate about devouring her banana... and oh so entertaining watching her every expression.
However did we fill our time before Emolyn came along! I can hardly remember.


Nicole T said...

great fun pics! Randy has to show you how to photoshop out the dust, then noone will know!

Sandy said...

life before emolyn ... sigh ... :)