Saturday, October 25, 2008

a 15 cent sale

Yes, everything was found at the same yard sale for 15 cents each!
The two daisy bee pins were 15 cents for the both of them. (clic the pic and check out the bees!) And the doilies were 15 cents for the both of them. But my favorite find at the sale... the padded vinyl foldable yard stick! Love it! And quite frankly, a one-of-a-kind. Cuz I have never seen one like it. Have you?

Randy's singing at an LCI Marriage & Family Conference in San Diego this weekend. I was suppose to go with him... but I chose to stay home to sew and scrap and finish decorating for fall. Miranda is coming by in a few minutes. She found the perfect down jacket for England at It's at Kohls stores too. So we'll see if we can find it.

*** Ok, so it's 12 hours later and well, I didn't sew or scrap or decorate for fall. Miranda did sign me up for a Facebook account. (like I need another thing to obsess about) And Miranda also found a better down jacket at Burlington Coat Factory.

So then... what did I do today?
Well... I went to see a movie! In an actual theater! I know, I don't do theaters... this being only the 3rd movie in 8 years. But it was the best experience! Pure magic! Cuz Miranda took me to "Mamma Mia!"!!! Oh my gosh, I cried through every single song and was a blubbering mess by the end of the movie. I loved it. I love musicals. I love happy ending movies. Best of all, I love that I shared it with my daughter. And when I'm missing her like crazy this winter, I will remember today. Our shopping together, creating my Facebook together, 25 cent corn dogs at Sonic together and crying together while watching Donna & Sophia getting ready for the wedding.

Thanks Miranda. I will never forget this day. Love you.


Miranda said...

I love you too Mom!! and it was a joy for me to get to bless you like that! I cried too at the same scene because I too will miss you in England. We'll have to do this more often before I go :)

NanAZ said...

So are you up for going to the movies now, or just musicals?

I thought that was such a fun movie too and so did Terry's mom!

Jan said...

Hi Linda! I am so happy you enjoyed your movie and your day with your daughter! Magical moments happen when you least expect them.
I started another blog and I hope you can stop by from time to time and say hey! Take care!

Anonymous said...

15 cent sale..oh man. I wish I would have found that one.
Hey , if you know of any good, small thrift stores in the valley can you let me know of them. I know some up where I am but am looking for some new ones.