Wednesday, October 01, 2008

1880 town

We stayed in a gorgeous Holiday Inn Express while in Custer. It had only been open 2 months. And get this, it is closing in two weeks for the winter! In the back patio you could sit around a fire pit and there would be deer everywhere. I actually thought they were fake at first.

And then as we headed out the next morning we were surprised to see a humungous bison crossing the road! They actually run free in the wild. What a thrill!

We took a tour of the "original 1880 Town" near Murdo, South Dakota. A must see. Check out more about it HERE. The props from "Dances with Wolves" are on display in the upstairs of the round barn.

My favorite was the Longhorn Saloon. The inside was simply exquisite! I can only imagine the entertainment and laughter and carousing that filled this room every night!

Btw, We're in WISCONSIN!
I'm posting from Panera Bread in LaCrosse, WI. Had me the best Blueberry Muffin! Anyway, as we walk in we see FREE Wi-Fi!! Life is good.
Oh and, Randy & I slept in the van last night at a rest stop near Albert Lea, MN. We were sleeping by 10PM (8 PM Phoenix time) and didn't awake till 7 AM ( 5 AM Phoenix time)!! AND it was 38 degrees when we woke up! Yes, life is good.


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

What a cool adventure you are on!! My hubby and I slept in our van when we were building our cottage. I remember waking up FREEZING to death ~ but I think back to that time and still smile!! It was fun.

Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing it with all of us out here in blogland :)



Miranda said...

jealous of you being in Wisconsin... jealous of it being 38 degrees.

Anonymous said...

You vacation looks wonderful! i live in your neck of the woods and we are sooo ready for some cooler weather- your bedding looks cozy and comfy- sure beats just a plain ole' sleeping bag! if it were 38 degrees here, wouldn't be all just freeze to death?!

kristen said...

I love that kind of stuff. what a fun town!

kristen said...

I love that kind of stuff. what a fun town!

NanAZ said...

Sounds like a fun stop. Isn't it great to stay in a place that's so new? Feels like you're the first one there with everything so squeeky clean.

You've definitely got us beat with the deer and bison! Wow! So cool! Although we're still hoping for a moose, the most we've seen are squirrels & chipmunks.

Tricia said...

I am so enjoying your vacation back home. I can feel the crisp air around the fire. Enjoy!