Monday, October 20, 2008

Casa Mozingos & The Pioneer Woman

Randy & I had the pleasure of spending time at Casa Mozingos on Saturday. I dubbed Rand & Michelle's adobe home Casa Mozingos. Has a nice ring.
Rand & Michelle are dear friends (for over 30 years) that live in the country outside of Phoenix in their adobe home they built themselves. I love it out there.

This is the view from their home. Simply breathtaking. They grow everything on their two acres.

They even grow chickens. How cute are these girls and the Mr. and their master Michelle! They are producing eggs now. And let me tell, still one of my fascinations of all time.

Rand & Michelle are the best cooks ever. I am not kidding you. They are. They make everything from scratch. Using fresh herbs. Straight from their garden.
This time the guys made homemade pasta for Ravioli with Sweet Crab and Pesto. Yum! And before they placed the prime rib on the grill, it had been marinating in this decadent to-die-for chocolate & coffee mixture. Oh my gosh, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I wanted to cry.

Don't you just love photos of food? I sure do. Which is why I adore THE PIONEER WOMAN site! She photographs every single step that goes into making her recipes. How can you go wrong!
Ree just posted her Pumpkin Cake with Whiskey Whipped Cream. Sounds divine. In fact I just may forgo the cake and make me a bowl of the whiskey whipped cream and devour it myself. Is that wrong?
Oh and check out her Apple Dumplings recipe. I'm telling ya, it's theater! Her writing is captivating, her photos cinematic... and then the dramatic climax... the thrilling presentation... oh ya, theater at its finest.

Ok, so while I'm on the subject of The Pioneer Woman... she has a love story that transcends all love stories. Go on her site and click on love story and start from the beginning. But you might want to do what I did. I had Randy print out her entire love story so far. (she is not done writing it yet) And I took it on our trip and read the whole story. Randy even had me tell him the story. It is so romantic.
And yes, Randy is my Marlboro Man.


brandi said...

Linda, it's so funny you read the Pioneer Woman too! Aaron and I read it everyday. He loves the photos and I love the romance!

NanAZ said...

The food looks AMAZING!!! Reminds me that we need to start thinking about a date for our Friends Get-Together. Let's talk.

I like Pioneer Woman too. Just wish I could get there more often. Do you still have the printed story? Could I borrow it (to save some trees)?