Thursday, October 02, 2008

the farm in Wisconsin

We're here! Wisconsin is so beautiful in October. The farm just glows with the changing colors. I'm in heaven.
And it is so wonderful seeing my Mom & Dad. They are so incredibly healthy and active. I pray I have the level of energy they have when I'm their age!

This is the farm house I grew up in. My brother Ron & his wife Deb live on the farm now. And my parents built a home next to the farm.

I love being here. So many memories. So many emotions. Everywhere I look I remember a moment and I am taken back to a time and place... my summer playhouse in the little corn crib, listening to Paul Harvey's "Rest of the Story" on the radio in the barn as I fed the calves, sleeping in the porch on a hot summer's night, waiting out a tornado from the basement, walking to the windmill on the hill to turn either on or off. Mmm, life was good.

But guess what? I'm in love.
You see, there was someone Randy & I were anxious to meet.
Umm, no, it would not be these two.

But this little guy! Is he just the cutest puppy ever! OK, maybe not as cute as our Koda. But a close second.
Boomer is Ron & Deb's new little puppy and well, I'm totally smitten with him! Randy & I cannot get enough of him. Trust me, you will see more of this little ball of energy in the posts to come!


kristen said...

I can't wait to show kennady the new dog...she bawled when she found out about ollie. She would love this new dog!

Lori said...

The farm looks like heavenly bliss!! Loved your travel pictures! I can only imagine how cold you've been when your so used to 100 + degrees! Have a wonderful time, I envious!!!! love,Lori

Terry said...

Hey Linda, I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Have you thought about taking pictures of some of those places that evoke memories, then scrapping (or blogging) the pictures with the story? I think the kids and grandkids would probably love it. You have the rare privilege of still having access to all those childhood treasures. Our little house is still standing in Vermilion, but I'm sure it would look much different if we went inside now. Enjoy you trip. We miss you guys!

NanAZ said...


The last comment was actually from me. Terry had apparently logged in previously and I didn't realize it was under his user.

I'm sure he misses you too, though.