Friday, October 17, 2008

a few of my favorite things

I grew up in a farmhouse that had built in hutches with diamond-shaped leaded glass doors. These were the glasses that I loved looking at through those glass doors. My Mom was given these glasses 58 years ago for a wedding shower gift from her Aunt Olga. They were too fragile to touch, much less use. But I imagine the main reason we didn't use them was because they are narrow on top which made it hard to hand wash them. And with six kids, there would surely be more than just one missing after 58 years. So the question is, will I use them? Mmm, maybe, or maybe I will just continue to look at them. But hey, they sure look cute in my red and splashes of aqua kitchen! Don't they?!

So, as I said, Randy & I spent the night in our van inside Yosemite National Park the first night of our vacation. We were so warm and cozy even though it was 38 degrees when we awoke early that Sunday morning. As we were about to cross the Nevada border we came upon what appeared to be a yard sale in front of a floral shop in this tiny little town. What are the chances... an early morning yard sale on a Sunday. Well, the sweetest lady shared that after 52 years in the floral business she was retiring and everything had to go. After much seaching I found this large Longaberger veggie basket w/ protector for $12.50! I'd say my vacation started on the right track!

My little Lutheran Church Bazaar & Auction was a huge hit. Everything is either homemade or homegrown. You do remember the lefse earrings, don't you? Well I also bid on this colorful, exquisite afghan and won!! Actually, my Mom bought it for me because she wanted to buy me something for cutting, coloring and styling her hair earlier that day. Thanks Mom! I love it! And to think one of the dear, elderly ladies in the church spent hours and hours making this! I will treasure it forever.

This is THE picnic basket that our family has used exclusively for the past 50+ years. Whenever we'd go to the lake, or for a picnic, or a potluck, or a family reunion... we'd fill it up and pack it in the trunk. I can't believe it has survived after all these years!

Quite a few of the Amish have little stores on their farms where they let you come and buy their goods... produce, eggs, baskets, rugs and various home baked goods. The photo in the last post, of the farmer plowing with his six horses is where I bought this lovely runner. It looks to have been made using blue jeans. I absolutely love it! And it cost only $7.50!

We stopped at a yard sale just down the road, after having left the farm to head back to Phoenix. Found this wooden container that I knew would hold my six pastel tin vases that I already had. And they did. Perfectly. The container was a dollar.

So, I think that about covers our Wisconsin trip. Randy & I drove over 5000 miles through 14 states! Wow~ and we loved every single moment. And we're already itching to hit the road again. Mmm, where to next time?


Nicole T said...

What special finds!

Tricia said...

I love all of your finds...on the road and at your childhood home. Don't use the glasses. I cut my hand trying to get some milk out of one of those. They are very pretty though. Look great in your cabinet.