Monday, October 27, 2008

gingham apron fabric bliss

So, you know how much I love checked gingham. Umm, vintage checked gingham aprons to be exact. Then check out my gingham apron collection if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Well, my sister Ginny called me a few weeks before our trip to Wisconsin and told me to grab my 40% off Michael's coupon and get my little self on over there for some fat quarter gingham apron fabric bliss! So I did. No such bliss. Went to another Michael's. The same.
Just when I could feel my hope waning, Ginny calls and says she found one at her Michael's in Eau Claire and it's waiting for me when I arrive. Yeh! And well worth the wait!
I may never, ever unbundle this bundle. I mean, come on, look at it. And the other fabrics are just as cute.

Big news! Our 19 year old son Tyler got a job today at Target!! YEH! Sooo happy!


kristen said...

I love target and have often thought about working there if I ever needed a job outside the home. Of course it would be so I could see all the stuff first and get my hands on the good sales.

Lori said...

Hi friend! Looks like you settled back into the warm weather well! Over in Indiana tonite it's 30 degrees! I called my son in Surprise the other night we had snow! I'm like you too, get a pretty bundle of fabric and just want to look at it! Your little dumplin is growing up to be such a baby doll! Made two costume last week for my grandsons, one squirrel and a king. I was pooped from marathon sewing for two days! Have a Happy and warm Halloween! Lucky you! Lori