Thursday, October 15, 2009

3-tiered wooden platter

My Dad is doing better. Thank you for your prayers. But I gotta tell you, I am wiped emotionally, mentally and physically. I spent a good part of the time going through hundreds of old pictures and found great comfort in looking through my Dad's life. We are putting together a slideshow of his life. It's something I have wanted to do for some time and the events of this past week forced me to get started. Of course we're praying we won't have to view it any time soon. But it's nice to have it ready when the time comes.

I thought I'd post my latest fall decoration. I've had my eye on this 3-tiered wooden platter at my little thrift store for the past month. It is rather large and marked at $5.98. Well, the other day a gal was packing away all the items that had not sold in the past month and I told her I was waiting for their half-off day to buy that. She then told me she'd mark it down to $1.98! I was like, I would have bought it at half-off. Too funny.

Anyway, I love it and have big plans for its many uses. I have a couple glass tiered platters, but it's fun to have a wooden one for outdoor use. Right away I filled it with dried gourds, leaves, acorns and pine cones. And then Randy & I had a spontaneous date last week and went to dinner at Culver's in Mesa and then drove further east to Hobby Lobby to buy a couple little pumpkins and acorns to complete my 3-tired arrangement. It is finished.


NanAZ said...

The tiered stand looks great! Have fun with your dad's slideshow. I've been working on one for Terry's mom's 75th birthday this weekend and it's been so fun and nostalgic going thru the pics. I'm 99% finished with my entire photo sorting project, so now I have all our photos sorted according to subject, like: Perkins extended family, Hann extended family, Amy & Kevin together, etc. It will make things so much easier for birthdays and other events that come up where I need photos of someone in particular. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

kristen said...

I love the thing and am looking for one to put fruit on but I love the fall deco! I would have thought $5 was a good deal so I still have lots to learn:)

Anonymous said...

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