Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bo's Cafe & Pioneer Woman Cooks

~ Got my Pioneer Woman Cooks in the mail yesterday. I can hardly believe that a week from tonight REE will be signing this very book, only a mere 2 miles away at Changing Hands Bookstore here in Tempe, AZ! Wasn't she adorable on the Bonnie Hunt show?

~ Speaking of book signing... on Tuesday night we attended the BO'S CAFE book signing/release party! Wow! What an amazing, special night! Trust me dear blogger friends, GO BUY YOURSELF A COPY of BO's CAFE! Right now! OK, first check out their awesome, interactive web site HERE. The book is available at any chain bookstore, Walmart and of course Amazon. When I finish the book I will be writing a book review... so you'll want to read it for yourself so you can let me know what you thought too.
It was written by my dear friend and teaching pastor John Lynch along with Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol whom we have known for many years. These are very important men in my husband's life... John being Randy's very best friend for the past 25 years.
The publishers of THE SHACK have made BO'S the follow-up book to THE SHACK. Isn't that wild! Oh, and the author of THE SHACK, William Young spoke at the BO'S release party Tuesday night and also gave his endorsement of Bo's Cafe.
So, like I said GO BUY BO'S CAFE and you'll know why I am so passionate about everyone reading this very important, thought-provoking book.

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NanAZ said...

Fun time on Tuesday night with all 700 or so people!

I'm so sad that I won't be able to go to the book signing for the Pioneer Woman with you.