Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday chit chat

~ you can now read the stories behind my favorite finds... my gingham aprons, my Pyrex collection, my cozy cottage and Mrs. McGillicutty. Just clic the pics on the right and it will take you to a particular post from the past.

~ when I started collecting PYREX 25 years ago, they were in every thrift store. Not so much any more. They're now in the antique stores. Thankfully I got em while the gettin was good. Paid a quarter or no more than a dollar for each piece.

~ my Schwan's man informed me that they no longer carry Black Jack Cherry ice cream. What is this world coming to? My love for Schwan's is waning a bit... compared to THIS from a few years ago.

~ best part of being laid up last weekend? I got to watch the PBS National Parks series. So awesome hearing the stories about what went in to preserving our natural wonders... whether it was to preserve the land, the wildlife or the trees. I am now obsessed with President Theodore Roosevelt.
Roosevelt was one of the first Presidents to make conservation a national issue. In a speech that TR gave in Kansas, on August 31, 1910, he outlined his views on conservation of the lands of the United States. He favored the use of America's natural resources, but not the misuse of them through wasteful consumption.
Thank you President Roosevelt!
And thanks to Ken Burns, we now plan to visit as many National Parks as we can in our lifetime.


NanAZ said...

Cool stuff, Linda! You'll have to tell me how you did the sidebar stuff. I've been debating about switching over to for my blog, but I need to do some research on it before I do. I have lots of ideas for new and more changes for my blog but I'm afraid that it's a little too ambitious for my time schedule. I'd really like to have something where I can tell how many people visit, since I don't get many comments. Every time I lament about no comments, people say that they're reading it, just not commenting, so I'd feel better if I could see how many people are visiting somehow. Anyway...thinking of changes to come. I'm getting close to my 500 post too. I always love reading yours! Yours and Amy's are the first ones I check every day.

brandi76 said...

Aunt Linda, I bought a set of 3 pyrex mixing bowls at a garage sale today. The colors are turquoise, peach and yellowish/tan. The bottoms of the bowls are clear. Have you ever seen that kind of pyrex. I am super excited I found them all of $5.00. I love your pyrex and told Aaron that someday, I am going to have a collection just like yours!