Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday drives

Shortly after I started my blog in 2006 I did a post about Sundays... then & now. Clic the title and read about my Sunday memories growing up on the farm. Well, as I said in that post, Sundays are way different now than the Sundays of my youth. Sundays are a long work day for my husband. He's the worship pastor at our church. So he's out the door by 6 am for rehearsal/sound check and then followed by three services. He's home around 2 pm. Tired and done for the day.

Well, last Sunday he didn't have to lead worship so after 2nd service we took a Sunday drive. A good old-fashioned Sunday drive. A first of many future Sunday drives. A 356 mile Sunday drive to be exact. And it was glorious! We both needed a change of scenery and a change of scenery we got!

Arizona is sooo beautiful... so unique in its varied terrain. The mountains were full of color. The winding canyon roads from Mingus Mountain to Jerome took my breath away! The drive from Camp Verde through Strawberry, Pine and Payson made my heart soar. Seriously, I was on such a high marveling at God's magnificent creation. Truly awe-inspiring.

And then to witness such a stunning sunset... if you ask me, a fitting climax to the perfect Sunday drive.


NanAZ said...

What a great gift for both of you!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Linda,
Loved the pics, we have been up to Jerome a few times when visiting my brother. I do know Cains, in fact I went to HS with Kevin and he still likes to pick on me! Cains is probably about 6 miles from us. You'll be hearing from me soon! Cindy

Skerrib said...