Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Hey everyone, have a safe, sassy & spirited Halloween weekend!
Mine has already gotten off to a great start.
~ The AZ bloggers luncheon was amazing. (pics to come)
~ We made a brief appearance at Shawn & Nicole's Halloween party. It was a smash hit. Emolyn made three costume changes throughout the night! She was quite the hotdog! I'm serious, she was a hotdog. And speaking of going gaga over my granddaughter, word has it that Lady Gaga actually made an appearance after we left. HE was quite the sensation. Now that's creepy. (pics to come)
~ And the Wine & Cheese Party was perfect. Old and new friends connecting over backyard fire pits. Sipping good wine and devouring delicious appetizers. I even had my first piece of pumpkin pie w/ whipping cream! The best! Thanks John & Suzi! (pics to come)
And yes, my heart is filled with love & gratitude this morning.

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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Linda,
It was so wonderful to get together and the blogger luncheon was a blast! Thanks for picking me up and the darling little gifts you brought. I love my apple ornament! Your grand-daughter is just so adorable in her costume! Our plane leaves about 1:00 today and it's bittersweet of course. I miss my home but I'll miss my son and dil so very much. I hope to be back very soon. Hugs and thank-you again, I hope to go thrifting with you next time. Cindy