Monday, February 22, 2010

Emolyn's 2!

Happy Birthday Emolyn Kate! She turns 2 years old today. Her Mommy & Daddy had a party for her over the weekend and she was a picture of sheer joy and delight. She really is the sweetest little girl.

She simply adores her Mommy & Daddy. And they really are the best parents.

She also adores her Aunt Miranda & Uncle Tyler too. So much so, that she gave her Aunt Miranda a back massage and manicure when the party ended. I'm not even kidding you. I can already tell that Emolyn has the gift of serving. We actually got her a pack of Handi-wipes for Christmas, cuz she loves to clean so much.

Ok, so Elmo just may be her favorite of all. Her Elmo cupcake was a big hit. Watch as she's about to dive in.

And she does it with such grit & determination.

And I must say, she wears her frosting well.

Emolyn happens to love crocs (all shoes for that matter) and owns several pair in every color. So when I found this baby doll wearing purple crocs, I knew it would be love at first sight. She was smitten all right... but mostly with the purple crocs.

Crocs on... crocs off... crocs on... crocs off...
Notice the earrings that Miranda got her. Also came with a necklace & bracelet. Oh how Emolyn loves her bling.

I found an unfinished pine bench that I painted for her. I love that Emolyn can easily pick it up and relocate from kitchen (to bake) to bathroom (to wash hands) and be her Mommy & Daddy's best little helper.

But to be honest, the watering can that Tyler got her was the biggest hit of all. First of all, Emolyn loves water. I mean, really loves water.

And even though it had been pouring rain, she insisted on having her Pop pop fill her watering can over & over so she could water her Grandma Becky's backyard.

Emolyn was so giggle-happy watering the already soaked grass that her Mimi could not help but capture her every move.

Emolyn, you are truly a miracle. And we're all the better for having you in our lives.
Read about her miraculous birth HERE and holding her for the first time in the yellow blanket HERE.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OH, what a fun day Linda! She is such a sweetie! I love how she enjoyed all her presents, so cute out watering! I bet you have a blast with her. I leave tomorrow, looking forward to a place with no snow!! Cindy

Angie in AZ said...

She is such a joy to watch! She always makes me smile. I couldn't believe how she sat through church last week! And I loved watching the expression of anticipation waiting for the little surprise you had tucked in your purse for her! She's just the happiest little thing... a delight! Hard to believe it's been two years since so many of us were praying for a miracle... she is living proof that they do still happen and God does answer prayer! I love watching her grow.

Heidi said...

What a darling little thing she is! She has such sparkly eyes and those long, curly lashes. What a joy! :)

Miranda said...

I love her!