Monday, March 15, 2010

kitchen remodel- part 4

I'm such a 'before & after' junkie. Seriously, I am fascinated by the transformation that takes place on an internet site or on the pages of a magazine. Of course I have no way of knowing the blood, sweat & tears that went into making that transformation so awe-inspiring.
But I sure do now!

So, even though we are only half-way there, I thought you'd like a little recap of where we've come.
But first the 'before' images.

Ok, I'll be honest, I miss my Pyrex collection. And I didn't want you to forget how pretty they looked in my old kitchen. And quite frankly, I have no idea where they will be displayed in my new one. I know, how could I be so careless about their future whereabouts.

So, take a gander on the wild side of kitchen demolition in its rawest form. I will never look at 'before & after' pictures quite the same ever again.
These next several pictures were taken exactly a week ago today.

And this is where we stand today... my ceilings are a foot higher... to accommodate more cabinet space. Which I thought was the main reason for pulling out the old duct work. Well, little did I know it was about much more than that.

Remember... before...

and now a week later... after.

Check out our new silver insulated flex tubing! Gone are the big, ugly ducting that was inefficient... and on with the efficient flex tubing that will more than pay for itself in the next year or so. I am not kidding you, this may be the one thing that we look back on and say we're the most thrilled with! Yes, I'm getting a new kitchen because of the flood, but our decision to remove all the old ducting, raise the ceiling so I could have more cabinet space... well, while that's all good and well, surprisingly, we are getting a waaay bigger bang for our $$. What started out as being about aesthetics, turns out to be about heating & cooling our home more efficiently. Don't you just love when that happens!

Thanks to Ken Doderer and his amazing crew at BENEFIT AIR in Phoenix, Arizona for the quality installation of our amazing new heating & cooling flex tubing system. We could not be more pleased with the results!

Be sure to check out the kitchen remodel- part 3 for a sneak peek at the kitchen design plans.

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vignette design said...

I too love before and after photos. I can't wait to see the final reveal. Your kitchen looks like it is going to be more open and larger. Don't worry about the Pyrex collection, it will find a home!

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

I love these before and after stories!~ So much fun! I can hardly wait ti see waht the reveal will look like!

Please come by for a visit!

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

vignette design said...

Me again! Our table is solid teak and came with the house! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Love those comments, don't we!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

It looks like it's coming along nicely Linda! I bet you can't wait! We have had two days of gorgeous weather and of course there are people out wearing shorts already! So Wisconsin!
Hugs, Cindy

Victoria said...

Oh wow, that is quite a remodel you're doing!!! I'll be on the lookout for your progress:)

Struggler said...

It always stuns me to see a room completely gutted like that.... you must be so excited for the results!

NanAZ said...

Besides the space for more cabinets, your room will feel so much bigger with the higher ceilings
...especially for all those tall guys at your house.

Can't wait!

Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

Wow, how exciting, especially to see that clean slate! Can't wait to see what you do. We're doing a half remodel on our kitchen also right now, so ready for it to be done and share our before and afters. :o)

Shaunna said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading! We're in the middle of an attic reno, so I totally get you! And I love those before and after shots...thanks for sharing! Passed through from shabby chic cottage; very nice to meet you! -shaunna :)