Sunday, March 28, 2010

kitchen remodel- part 5

Finally D-Day! Two full days of Drywall installation, taping, mudding and texturing.
But before that... Randy had to saw a trench in the concrete for the island electrical. It was without a doubt the biggest mess of all!! We had to first flood the area and then I had to spray the blade as Randy sawed through the concrete. A nightmare of a mess. But so glad when it was over and I could clean up.

Remember, this is what I left you with in part 4.

The first thing the drywall crew did was to enclose the attic. YEAH! And then they extended the kitchen cabinet wall 16 inches to the left. That allows us to have extra cabinets, above and below the counter.

See, the wall is wider than the photo below. Those 16 inches will make a huge difference. And trust me, I struggled for weeks, wondering if it was worth the extra construction. Well, I am so glad we did it!

Before drywall...

... after drywall.

We are so thrilled with the results! We could finally take off all the sheets & plastic in the living room... at least for a few days. Cuz now we will prime & paint before my new kitchen is installed in a week. I mean, Randy will prime & paint. I will be his go-pher girl. We are also having some tile work done in the kitchen area. Can't wait to show you what I found to compliment the tile we have. We were unwilling to spend the money to replace our old tile, so I was thrilled to find something that would work with what we already have.

Again, a HUGE thank you to~
HOOK CONSTRUCTION (602-332-5250) for their impeccable work. I would highly recommend them!

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Karen said...

Bless you, my child. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. ;-) It will be sooo worth it! Love your update pictures.
Keep us posted.
Ladybug Creek

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Oh What a mess with all that dust but the worst is over. Bet your excited for the new cabinets?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Kammy said...

I also know what you are going through , we did a down to studs remodel too !

Allison Shops said...

So far, so good! Can't wait to see the cabinetry installed.

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