Monday, May 24, 2010

fluffing my nest

The weather here in the Valley of the Sun could not be more perfect. Today we're looking at low 80's, while my beloved Wisconsin is experiencing sweltering hot & humid with temps in the mid 90's. What's up with that! SO, I took advantage of this weather and worked on the back patio Saturday. Our patio has been a major catch-all since the flood back in November. And once the kitchen remodel started, it got even worse. Piles of stuff covered every inch of this poor hutch.

Well, I can now sit back there and take in the beauty of this glorious time of year. I filled all the hummingbird feeders and in no time the hummingbirds were back. And can I just say, they are ornery, entertaining little rascals.

Love my galvanized roof birdhouse that someone was going to throw out if it didn't sell at their garage sale. She figured no one would want it. And yes, I snagged it for a song.

Found this little table for a couple dollars over the weekend. It's heavy and sturdy and perfect for Emolyn when she comes over. I am planning to cover the top with a pretty oil cloth print to give it some dazzle. The perfect surface for play dough. And let me tell you, she LOVES play dough!

Another surface that's great for play dough is the shiny side of freezer paper. The dough doesn't stick to the surface and makes for easy rolling and cutting so the pretty princess can create her delicious cookies.

I have had that vintage shopping cart for many years. And it happens to have aqua wheel wells and is just the cutest. Well after all these years it too has found a home. One of my locker baskets fits perfectly inside, allowing me to have two levels of storage for Emolyn's toys. Can't you just see her dragging this all around my kitchen!

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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Linda,
Right now I am sweltering inside my house even with the ac on! Hot and Humid! But, the plants are loving it. My son and dil are coming home tomorrow. They thought they would escape the heat. hehe. I love your porch fluffing, everything looks so charming!
Hugs, Cindy

Suzanne said...

Love that little table and your inviting porch!


Great projects and finds. Love the bird condos.

NanAZ said...

Hey Linda, That birdhouse would look great at my house too! Hint, hint. :-)