Monday, January 31, 2011

hula hooping

We have been gathering together with several dear families after Christmas for over 20 years.
This year we spent the day at Rand & Michelle's amazing property out in Waddell.
And this year we hula hooped!
Kayelen (middle) constructs the best hula hoops... perfectly weighted for adults.
Even my husband took a turn. God love him.

I loved it! I felt like a kid again, so freeing and fun!

Emolyn loved watching the chickens peck...

... and later giving her Mommy a peck while picking lemons.

Terry, Randy, Rand and Shawn sharing a good one.

We're a very distracted bunch. It was like herding cats to make this group photo shoot happen.

But it was so worth it!

Once the sun started setting behind the Estrella Mountains,
we all bundled up and gathered our chairs around the bon fire.

Miranda and I took turns holding Elsie to keep warm.

Elsie was mesmerized by the fire. And so was I.

I am so grateful to Nancy for capturing some of these amazing, memorable moments!


Anita said...

Oh Linda that looks like SO much fun!! I cannot imagine trying to hula hoop these days!! What a fun group of people to spend time with. Love the photo of you with Elsie. Too cute!!

Dianna said...

I love the photo of the sunset, fire and chair backs. Looks like a fun day.


Jeanne said...

Hi, Thank you for your comment on my heart quilt. The Grand Canyon trip was a trip of a lifetime. I am from a suburb of Milwaukee, and have never lived outside of the 5 county area around Milwaukee. But I do love to travel - when I can, ha ha. My Miranda is 11 years old. How old is your Miranda?

The farm in your header looks so Wisconsin - so real, also. That's not a hobby farm. :)