Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Day 3- Sunday on the Farm

Hey everyone! I'm sorta on a roll, so I thought I'd give you Day 3.
Sunday morning my Mom & I went to church at the Lutheran Church 
that my family faithfully attended every single Sunday.
And yes, I was one of those that never missed church and Sunday School.
In fact, eight years in a row... that's eight bars hanging from my perfect attendance pin.

After church I made Swedish meatballs (from Pigeon Falls Meat Service), 
mashed potatoes & gravy and lefse.
Tyler took this picture on his iPhone... and you can be sure he went back for more.

Randy & I with our sons Tyler and Shawn... and my Mom.
We sure wish Miranda and Nicole and emolyn and elsie were here!

Once the dishes were washed... side note, my Mom has never had a dishwasher,
and I was 40 years old before I had my first dishwasher.
And I actually had to ask my husband how to load it.
Anyway, after dishes, I walked to the cabin where the guys are staying.
Over a mile - up hill - through several cut hay fields - and very, VERY humid!

My brother Ron & his wife Debbie had the log cabin built by the Amish.
It took them over a year to build and then they loaded it up on a flatbed semi
and set it up on site.

Randy & I always stay at the cabin, but this year I stayed at my Mom's next to the farm,
while the guys stayed here.

And this is what they do ~ they sit on the porch and shoot pop cans, 
that they've placed on fences in a field across the meadow.
And wow, what a gorgeous view!
You can actually see the top of the blue Harvestor silo way off in the distance.
So be sure to click to enlarge and see for yourself.


Miranda said...

Wish I was there too!

MommaMindy said...

That white farm house is what my dreams are made of! The log cabin is another dream. Your family has both. How blessed! I always assumed my hubby and I would buy a farmstead in the country, we never imagined we'd be city slickers in Seattle. I call myself an urban redneck.

Christine said...

is that in Ellingson Coulee in Northfield? My parents used to farm over there and I also have the perfect attendance bars from Upper Pigeon sunday school. Saw this photo on pinterest, I was just at Upper Pigeon on Saturday, Sept 9, 2017 for a funeral, small world...