Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 5- Sewing Sisters

The Sewing Sisters are back!
I spent two days in Eau Claire with my sister Ginny and we had the best time!
And what did we have planned? Anything we want!

I usually spend the first couple hours oohing 'n aahing over all her latest projects.
And yes, these are just a few of her creations.

And once I'm on inspiration overload, we begin working on a project together.
But this years project did not require a sewing machine. It required Altoid tins.

First Ginny showed me how to make these darling rosette pin cushions.
She has bins full of felted sweaters for me to choose from. 

Ginny made these beauties...

... and I made this one! Is it not the cutest!
You can fill the tins with sewing notions ~ or give as a gift with a gift card inside ~
 to their favorite craft store... maybe Hobby Lobby, JoAnns or Michaels.
Wouldn't that make the coolest gift ever!

For those of you curious about our other Sewing Sister projects ~
I'm linking up with Cindy's SHOW AND TELL FRIDAY.


Unknown said...

Linda, those are absolutely DARLING! What a clever, clever idea. I think I might even have an Altoid tin or two stashed away in my craft closet...hmmm...

deb said...

These are all really cute!

Anonymous said...

Such cute stuff, Linda! Does she sell them? They would make very cute dual purpose gift card boxes.

Mindy said...

I've been saving mint tins for about a I know why! So cute!

Anonymous said...

très jolie réalisation ! bravo!