Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Miranda!

We celebrated Miranda's birthday last night with a family dinner
and affirmation around the fire after devouring the Oreo ice cream cake she requested.
Do you see that Birthday Care Bear next to the Birthday Beanie Baby?

Well, Miranda got that Birthday Care Bear on her 1st birthday 26 years ago.

And we make sure to include that Birthday Care Bear every single year 
when celebrating Miranda's birthday.

When it was Emolyn's turn to affirm her Aunt Miranda,
she said "you're awesome and nice, and your voice is pretty and you're pretty."
Isn't that the sweetest ever!
Oh and guess what ~ 
that young man sitting next to my daughter happens to be her boyfriend. 
And we could not be more thrilled!
And that purple crocheted hat that Emolyn is wearing ~
I made that when I was in high school ~ over 35 years ago! I know!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Miranda! May this new year of your life bring you much happiness. :) Wish I'd had the chance to meet you!

Angie in AZ said...

Oh my gosh! Miranda is dating Aaron!?! How cool is that!? How long have I been out of the loop on this? Been wondering for years when some smart guy was gonna' see what amazing woman was in front of him!

brandi76 said...

My Aaron said "There sure are a lot of Aaron, Erin names in the Larson family now".

Happy Birthday to Miranda and Happy Thanksgiving to the Thompson Family.
Love Brandi

Nancy Hann said...

Happy Birthday to Miranda! Emolyn is absolutely right. She is quite amazing.