Thursday, January 17, 2013

vintage aqua rotary phone

I wish you could hear my aqua phone ring. Talk about a blast from the past. Solid, substantial, authoritative. This ringer held its ground back in the day. For one thing, homes only had one phone, so you had better be able to hear it wherever you were in your house! Growing up in a big 'ole farmhouse in Wisconsin, we could hear ours from the basement, upstairs, even outside!

Well, little Miss Aqua is silent. 
She rings no more. 
We got rid of our landline.
Oh how I have grieved the loss of my functionally sound design inspiration, the focal point in my sewing room.  I know, it's not like I can't take her over to my mother-in-laws house, plug her in and call her on my cell. Just to hear her ring. But it wouldn't be the same as standing in my aqua sewing room while cradling her to my ear.

This is where she belongs. This is her home... with or without a purpose. She still makes a strong statement. She still draws attention when someone enters the room. She can still carry a conversation. Only now it's more about her, than with her. And that's ok.

And she doesn't seem near as lonely now since I relocated these little number by her side. I know, pardon the pun. But isn't she just the cutest. 

*** Someone asked about the darling little pastel purses. They were rain bonnet freebies at our Jackson County Fair. Nothing better than gathering up all the free giveaways each year as you made you way through the 4-H demonstration buildings. You knew you would come out of there with quite a loot ~ Princess phone key chains, rulers, portable drying racks and traveling sewing kits.

Hey, do you want to read the story about how my aqua phone came to live in our home?
Click HERE. And be sure to read the first comment ~ my all-time favorite comment ever ~ from the previous owner himself. And yes, he made me cry again. Thank you John!

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Karen said...

What's in those little purses in front of the phone? I remember them but not what was inside. Was it rain bonnets?

linda t said...

Yes Karen, those are rain bonnets! They were freebies from the County Fair. I collected two of them many years ago, and then found the pink one in recent years for a dime! They are so adorable. Thanks for asking Karen.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I've had that exact phone on my mind for weeks! So funny to find a post about it.

Anonymous said...

Your craft room looks so adorable, organized and clean! I could sit there for hours...the phone is perfect. Love every detail.

Samantha Weston said...

Oh, how lovely those colours go in that dainty room of yours. Little Miss Aqua is a stunner, indeed. Vintage telephones have that nostalgic appeal in them. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Have a good one!