Saturday, August 04, 2007

the painted desert

Imagine driving for hours through the Painted Desert and you come upon an Indian Reservation of colorful metal roof homes. Of course my favorite, the aqua roof. Having grown up in the Midwest, there is a little town every ten miles. But here in the Southwest, we drove for hours without seeing anything! I love the Painted Desert... so open and desolate. Randy and I talked and laughed the whole day. Have I mentioned how happy I am traveling with my hubby!!!

Destination Ouray, CO! We arrived Thursday night for a two night stay. What a welcome relief! Oh my gosh, such beauty! Pictures to come!


Anonymous said...

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NanAZ said...

Hey Linda,

Great to hear from you! I can't wait to see what Ouray and the camp looks like. Remember even though it's familiar to you, most of us have never been there, so think about that when you take your pics. We want to feel like we're there with you. And I think we need to see the little coffee shop where you check email and post your blog too. I can't wait!