Thursday, March 06, 2008

daddy & daughter

Our precious Granddaughter is doing sooo well! Emolyn is gaining an ounce a day which is exactly what the Dr. ordered! Yeah! AND this afternoon she drank 3 cc. of milk from a bottle in 45 seconds!! Her very first bottle! Who knew she could do it! At the rate she is going, she'll be going home in no time! (she has to be 4 lbs.)
You guys, as her Grammy, I am loving this little girl so much that my heart is bursting as I write this! Do you remember thinking after your first baby was born, "how could I possibly love another this much!" And then you realize quickly after baby #2, that it's not like each of our kids get a portion or a percentage of our total love. They get ALL our love! Each of our kids get our total, complete and unconditional love! And now baby Emy gets that very same love from her Mommy & Daddy, her grandparents, her great-grandparents, her Aunts & Uncles, her cousins and oodles of others that adore her. Yes, she is one loved little lamb!


Judy said...

I so know the feeling! Hope baby Emy keeps on thriving...and can soon be on her way home. I also have a little granddaughter Emme (pronounce Em-mee).

Sandy said...

And I know you are going to be the best grandma in the world, to this little darling! Love the tiny fingers.