Friday, March 28, 2008

bits of this & that

I love Fridays. Fridays are my day off.
So today I plan to jot down random thoughts. A little bit of this and that. Back and forth from my keyboard to my laundry, dishes, cleaning and groceries.

The day started out with a nice surprise. My son Shawn, Emolyn's Daddy, is back to blogging again. He sent me a comment on my last post to let me know. Really, he is the funniest person I know. Check him out here.

First off, I gotta be honest with you. I miss putzing. Meaning... I miss "engaging in inconsequential or unproductive activities". Ya, I miss doing unproductive activities! Ever since I went back to work last summer, I don't do those mindless activities that I so loved doing.
Such as...
- digging through drawers and closets
- digging in the dirt
- uncovering hidden treasures in my garage
- flipping through magazines (I still have tons of magazines in their plastic bags! Shame on me!)
- rearranging my Pyrex collection
- reading old journals
- color-coding cans of 'oops' paint (I'm just being funny... well, sorta)
- checking the expiration dates on canned goods (ya, had to throw out a huge garbage bag full)
- weeding out, purging, down-sizing, etc. (never ending)

Oooh, another sweet surprise. Emolyn's Mommy just called to give me the latest on our little Miss Emolyn. Oh, we sure love that little girl! I can't wait to see her tomorrow. We're bringing them dinner. And taking lots of pics.

Gotta head out to get groceries. Maybe do a little 'drive-by thrifting'. See, if something doesn't catch my eye as I drive by, then I just drive by. Here's an exception to the rule. If alot of things at a yard sale are still in boxes, I will for sure stop. Why? you ask. Because most people don't take the time to go through boxes. And my favorite finds are always buried in boxes. You have to read this post... one of my favorite thrift stories that I blogged about, back when I first started blogging. About bowls. My lovely McCoy bowls.

Hey, I'll be back if I uncovered a treasure I couldn't live without.


NanAZ said...

I'm loving my Fridays too! Although I feel like I'm making some progress on projects and my to-do list, I would love to have more days at home. It does feel good to get laundry, groceries and some cleaning done before the weekend. Most of my house is in order, but the office is a shambles...hoping to get something done with it tomorrow.

Linda, we should plan a thrifting and yard sailing day sometime.

Suns game starts any minute, so I'd better get moving!

Skerrib said...

Oh! Since I became a stay-at-home that's what I'm most looking forward to--weeding out, paring down, purging SHTUFF. =)

But doggone it if the days whiz by so dang fast I haven't managed to do any putzing yet. Ah well...sooner or later.

Sandy said...

What a treat - Grammy is bringing dinner!
Have a wonderful weekend Linda!

Bax said...

I went back to work last summer too and I also miss the putzing around the house! Now nothing seems nearly as organized as it was back then! : )
You are my kind of yardsaler! Only up here the biggest suprise I've ever found at the bottom of a box was a scorpion! : )
Take care!


Miranda said...

You need to post pictures of our girl from your visit today!!

And from this post, I now understand where I got my deep desire to "nest" from