Wednesday, March 12, 2008

date on Mill Ave.

I can't tell you how long it's been since I had a date with my favorite guy in all the world. Waay too long. So Randy & I had a "lunch date" the other day with plans for the two of us to head to Mill Ave. It's Spring Break in the East Valley, so most of the ASU crowd would be gone. That works for me. Parking is always so terrible.
I had to snap a pic of these blooming Century plants lined up along Mill Ave. They are so fascinating. Did you know that "Century Plants bloom only once in their life, the blooming spike is so large and grows so fast that it saps all the resources of the plant, which then dies, leaving a tall wooden seed stalk. The plant is called the "century plant" because of this "once a century" bloom (actually the plant lives an average of 25 years)." I have seen that very thing happen next door. So sad when the plant shrivels up and dies after such a spectacle of beauty!

First stop, Urban Outfitters. I love, love, love this place! The upstairs is so retro, funky cool. Huge splashes of color. Crazy, fun art. Every kind of texture & design imaginable. Look at these pics! I couldn't stop myself, so I didn't. Just kept on shooting. And no one seemed to mind.

Next stop, lunch at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant". Such festive, fun food. Ate outside on the patio. So relaxing watching people walk by. I had a yummy Gyros wrapped in a fresh Pita. Perfecto.

Then, I saw that one of the coolest stores on Mill is going out of business, after 35 years- "Those Were the Days" bookstore. So sad. If you are in driving range, you gotta go. Now. Such a cool place FILLED with rare, old books and vintage signs & posters galore! AND everything is 40% off right now!
Didn't buy a thing but came home with fun photos and full stomachs. Next time we plan to walk over to Tempe Town Lake, walk across the bridge and check out all the development going on. Before it's too hot!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Linda, it's been so long since I stopped by here! thanks for coming by to see me & how fun that we both had dates at a Greek restaurant. Hope you are doing well & keep going on those dates! I have the hardest time keeping up with everyone I'd like to...just not enough time.


kristen said...

I love urban outfitters...I wish my whole house looked like that! of course we don't have one here its just not fair no ikea either ugh!

NanAZ said...

Sounds like a nice day...and the weather's been perfect. We've talked about going to BFG restaurant, but have never gotten there. What do you like best?

Not sure I've been to Urban Outfitters either.

I think its time for a date night for us too. Usually we do a quick dinner and a movie on Fridays, but it's been a while.

Sandy said...

Hi Linda - you WON! Email me your address and I will send you the book. I know it's really not applicable for you and R, but it will be a great resource. We can talk more about it ...

YAY for winning! I haven't put my post up yet, but will soon.

Skerrib said...

I love Urban Outfitters too. Richard and I used to go to Z Gallery and covet all the nice and funky furniture. Are they even still there??

CIELO said...

Dates are so important to keep up that old flame! My hubby and I have a date every morning (yes, every morning) We wake up very early so we can spend some time just for our selves before going to work, at a romantic cafe... oh yes, we even kiss in public!

I would not change these wonderful and romantic moments with my husband of 27 years for nothing in the world...

Have fun!


Lucy said...

Wow--looks like a great date in every way! So glad you and Randy had a grand time--you should go on dates at least once or twice a month!!